Update History


01 March 2016 - Version 2.3

1. Added User Role Function. Admin now can grant/ limit access of technicians in to the system for individual sections.
2. Added job editing option. job information can be edited any time.
3. Fixed email issue. sending mass mail & adding hotmail as a mail account was giving trouble to some customers.
4. Added new tab for items under re-order level.
5. Changed sales report layout.
6. Added affiliated program. Now you can earn upto 25% for each sales you forward to us. for more information Click Here
7. Some other minor bug fixed.

13 October 2015 - Version 2.2

Multilingual Support Released

Following Language has been added for first batch.

1. French
2. Spanish
3. Portuguese
4. Russian
5. Italian
6. German
7. Romanian
8. Polish
9. Slovak
10. Chinese

Added view button for technician details report.
Minor bugs fixed.

18th September 2015 - Version 2.1

1. Improved performance. MRC Manager RMS now works almost like a desktop software. Even on average internet speed.
2. Added Active Technician button for suspended technicians.
3. Added Screenshot capture option. Now can take screenshot of damage handsets from your webcam directly.
4. Added – Item name validation. Now item with same name cannot be added to inventory.
5. Fixed – Email/SMS sending issue from technician access.
6. Fixed – Some user were having issue on completing job with complete status.
7. Fixed – Suspended technician was also showing in case entry form.
8. Fixed – Bug in manual item entry in repair service.
9. Fixed – Total amount field in sales report print.
10. Fixed – Terms & condition erased on updating company information.
11. Fixed – Permission issue on company logo upload.

10th August 2015 - Version 2.0

# Core Update

Inventory Module added to Mrc Manager RMS.
Multiple user access has been added for Package 3.
Purchase subscription on yearly based or monthly based.
Self-Hosted version released. Now host MRC Manager RMS on your own domain & Hosting.
Completely Fresh & user friendly redesigned User Interface.
Job Tracking site has been redesigned as well.
Added Support Ticket feature inside the software.
Added Social button in job tracking portal. after checking job status, customers can give feedback, comment or contact shop owners through their social channels.

# Major Updates

More Simplified Dashboard. Now easily can track daily income, in house repair status, Top Item used in last 30 days, Top faults received in last 30 days.
Added multiple filter in Report Section to get more simplified and straight analytic.
Added Customer edit option in e-marketing. now can edit any data of a customer individually.
All Printing & PDF layouts has been redesigned to fit with user interface.
All reported bugs fixed.

– Inventory Module

Manage inventory stock.
Manage inventory & non-inventory items.
Manage items by category.
Set reorder level.
Quick update existing stock.
Get sale value for current stock.
Add barcode To inventory item.
Add Items Manually when processing a job.
See available quantity when assigning any item to job.

– Individual Packages

PACK 1 – Free registration. User will have 25 Job limit to test as trial.
PACK 2 – MRC Manager RMS – Single User Access.
Pack 3 – MRC Manager RMS – Multiple User Access. 10 individual Access For Technician.
Self Hosted Version – Now you can host MRC Manager RMS at your own Domain & Hosting.
Brand Free Version – MRC Manager RMS Without Branding. (Self hosted Version Is required).
Priority Support Service.

– Multiple Login

Added Multiple user access for technicians. Now can give sign-in permission to technician so that jobs can be processed from technicians desk.
Technician can process job orders that Assigned to him only.
Admin can reassign technician after receiving a job. simply transfer a job to another technician during job process if required.
Suspend Any technician if required.

– From now on, you can purchase MRC Manager RMS on yearly Base and also can subscribe as monthly base. (Not applicable for self hosted version).

For more details go to www.mrcmanager.com/mrc-manager-rms

6th June 2015 - Version 1.2

Major Update


Added E-Marketing & Notification System
1. Manage and edit SMS/ E-Mail templates for customer notifications.
2. Send SMS to customers on job completion or failed/rejected.
3. Send E-Mail to customers on job completion or failed/rejected.
4. Send Check-in receipt or invoice to your customer via E-mail.
5. Send SMS to all or selected customers about new offer or promotions.
6. Send E-mail to all or selected customers about new offer or promotions.


Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

1. Phone, Mobile, IMEI Fields in Check-In Section are now limited to 15 Digit.

2. Bug Fixed: Fixed too many digits after .(dot) in technician report under amount column.

2nd June 2015 - Version 1.1

Updates & Bug Fixes

1. Changing of job receive date is disabled. Too many customer requested.

2. Job number field is disabled for edit.

3. Uploading image of received item is completely redesigned. now customer can check & download uploaded image more easily.

4. Fixed bug for technician report by date range.

5. Some other minor bugs fixed.

28 May 2015 - Version 1.0 Initial Release

Software launched publicly.